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I had the honor of guest posting on the Rolling Rains Report today. There’s an excerpt of The ITG to Traveling With Pain, and an opinion on inclusive tourism. Oh, and a recent photo of me since I got my hair cut. ūüôā


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Check this out–pajama jeans!

These are pajamas made to look like jeans. I haven’t gotten a chance to try them yet, so I can’t offer a¬†comfort review. But the concept looks promising. Like so many of us with chronic pain, I can’t wear jeans for any length of time.¬†And jeans are the¬†ubiquitous travel garment for both men and women. So any¬†comfort-focused facsimile of jeans¬†grabs my attention. ¬†

If any of my dear readers have tried the pajama jeans, please post a comment!

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The charming proprietor of the Pain Free Tips web site, myofascial release specialist John Williams, creates YouTube-style videos teaching simple stretches. He’s begun a series for travelers at my request–he’s made two so far, and they’re designed for car travelers but doable in airplane seats too.

Actually, most of the stretches he teaches can be done while on travel.

I really like John’s videos. The stretches are simple, yet noticeably helpful. (I’m doing some of his neck stretches daily, and have seen improvement in my flexibility there.) He demonstrates his stretches in a way that makes them learnable via video clip. Each stretch takes only 20-30 seconds.

Best of all, John seems to have a good grasp of what it means to be in chronic pain–he doesn’t expect us to be able to assume and hold advanced yoga poses. If you sit up in bed for 60 seconds and move your head at all, you can get started on at least a few of John’s stretches.

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I was sent this blog post, Treating the Pain Epidemic,¬†from the Science section of the New York Times Online. It’s a great call to action for the current medical establishment to consider addressing chronic pain as the real, serious problem it is.

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No, seriously. All Nippon Airways is mandating that passengers visit the facilities before boarding. Apparently this causes the passengers to weigh less, thus saving fuel. Or something.

Candy Harrigan’s Pee Before You Fly post

On the one hand, it’s always a good idea to use the nice big comfy restrooms in the terminal. I do it all I can. (Ha ha.) But to mandate it? How? Are the “loo monitors” going to follow passengers into the facilities and stand behind the men and outside the ladies’ stalls, making sure that tinkling noises ensue?

I would prefer to reserve my right not to eliminate. Even if I never use it.

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Here’s a great interview with Candy B. Harrington, the travel-with-mobility-problems guru:

Women Travel with Disabilities: An Interview with Candy Harrington

While this article is definitely mobility-centric, it’s got some great general info for women traveling with any disability.

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Need help at the airport? Get some, even if you don’t “look like” you need it. I had the hardest time getting over myself and just asking for the stupid wheelchair. But it makes my airport visits *soooo* much easier.

Travel Weekly article highlighting accessibility in EU airports

If you have to sit for more than 10 minutes after waiting in the security line, or if a long security line makes you get dizzy, nauseous, or faint, get the wheelchair.

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